Where do I begin?

We're sure you have many questions. How exactly does all this work? Where do I start, and more importantly, what will I have accomplished in the end? Start by following these three simple steps. Once you've begun this journey, you'll have plenty more opportunities to ask and have all your questions answered.

NOTE - These steps refer primarily to the Online Courses option offered here. For live courses at a Follow Him School in your area, see further details on the Live Courses page.


1 Step 1:
Become a Student

There's not much thought needed for this step. Simply click on the 'Become a Student' link above (or the quick access button at the end of this step) and submit the form. Once we receive your registration fee, we will send you the login data and you're a student of the Follow Him School.

This step gives you access to:

There is a one time registration fee of USD $25.00 to become a student of the Follow Him School.

Become a Student

2 Step 2:
Choose and Enroll in Your Courses

Now the fun begins. Which course do you want to start with? Do you want to take on more than one at a time? How do you want to map out your spiritual journey at this school? It's all up to you (the school mentors may also have some personalized suggestions for you, so go ahead and ask if you prefer this option).

Once you've chosen the course/s you want to take, registered for it, submit the course fee and you're ready for step 3.

An important destinction you need to be aware of with the courses:

Ok, now let's move on to step 3. The step where your transformation begins...

3 Step 3:
Follow Through with Your Studies

Let the learning begin! Once you're enrolled in a course, you'll find the following things available to you:

As you progress through the courses, you will have the option of earning a degree or ordination. If you would like to have a frame-quality certificate upon course completion, there is an addtional US $15.00 fee.

Before any of this however, you need to begin at step 1! Start the process now and >>

Become a Student

Degrees and Ordination

As you successfully complete the required number of courses, you may request a certificate to signify your accomplishments.

If your desire is to receive ordination and start a Follow Him School in your area, you will need to complete a series of online courses as well as live interaction with Follow Him International. You may attend available meetings or a live Follow Him School. Ordination will only be available to those we have personally met and will come through the laying on of hands by a Follow Him School director.