The Follow Him School Team!

Board of Directors

Tom & Suzie Brock

Tom and Suzie Brock (CA USA), Founders of Wave of Live Ministries, have been in Ministry for more than four decades. Their ministry started during the "wild years" on the West Coast of California, when God used them to first spread the Gospel to surfers and hitchhikers that were moving up and down the coast. As they progressed in Ministry, the Lord opened up the world to them and they have been travelling all around the world ever since equipping the Body of Christ to walk in full maturity and spreading the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, making disciples of the Nations. They have also been involved into Christian Music and had the chance to Minister to many worship leaders. Because of the needs they saw in this area, they have started a Ministry called WorthwhileWorship, that wants to bring your song to the church and help todays worship leaders to publish their songs with a pure heart!


Philip Elston

Philip Elston (TX USA), together with His wife Glenda, are the founders and leaders of H.O.P.E Ministries in Texas. He does not only move in an extraordinary prophetic gifting, but most of all you feel the love of the Father when he is around and he will bring healthy conviction to you through his teachings. You just love to sit under his Ministry. He has had the chance to be a vessel for God in many different nations all around the world. He has been used to speak the word of the Lord to Statesmen as well as the ordinary people in great accuracy and with much wisdom!

Claude Widmer


Claude Widmer (Switzerland / FL USA). More information here.



President and Founders

Claude& Daniela Widmer


Claude & Daniela Widmer. More information here.



Representative for Switzerland

Nadine Singer


Nadine Singer (Switzerland) (text follows)

(079 656 64 65)



Representative for Costa Rica

Yvette Nietzen


Yvette Nietzen, Costa Rica (text follows)

Fresh Wind Ministries



Representative for Kenya

John Shiundu


John Shiundu, Kenya (text follows)

(+254 733 96 1846 or +254 721 51 7055)



Lecturers and Mentors:

Anita Forrer

Anita Forrer (Switzerland) is an essential part of this ministry. She works in the back ground mostly and you will not see or hear much of her most of the time. But without her… you would not see much of us. She has been putting together much of the internet ministry and has been involved with many of the practical implications in order to make things work! She has become a real assistant to the leadership of this ministry and is involved in all sorts of things that happen with this Ministry. She holds many things together and always has a helping hand, be it in the ministry center, online, with the families here or also with administrative work. Not only that, she also heads up some of the business divisions that she has taken over from Claude and is doing a terrific job in bringing it to another level! Spiritually you will often hear her pray and uphold things in intercession. Although she is quieter than most people, the Lord will often give her important counsel and information when most needed. She always has an encouragement for people and will support and stand behind the work and ministry with all that she has and is. You can always count on her and she is reliable and helping to advance the Kingdom of God all the time!

Claudia Killias


Claudia Killias (Switzerland) (text follows)




Claudio Killias


Claudio Killias (Switzerland) (text follows)




Yvette Nietzen


Yvette Nietzen, (see above)




Nadine Singer


Nadine Singer (see above)




Suzanne Tanner


Suzanne Tanner (see above)




Daniela Widmer


Daniela Widmer (see above)