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The Follow Him School offers you:

Flexibility: Work at your pace, on your schedule and in the environement you choose as you balance family, work, ministry and life's other demands.

Affordability: Invest USD $15.00 per week into your own life! You deserve it.

Change-ability: These life changing lessons will definitely forever transform the way you think and the way you walk.

Below is a list of all English online courses offered by Follow Him School.

Available Courses
Suggested course duration
Attributes of God 6 Lessons / 6 Weeks
Authority in Christ 6 Lessons / 6 Weeks
Follow Him 8 Lessons / 8 Weeks
Hearing The Voice of God 8 Lessons / 8 Weeks
How to Start a Ministry (Nehemia) 5 Lessons / 5 Weeks
Relationship with God 8 Lessons / 8 Weeks
The Holy Spirit 9 Lessons / 9 Weeks
Walk the Walk 6 Lessons / 6 Weeks
NEW! Building His Church 7 Lessons / 7 Weeks
With your paid subscription to the first class you will receive a complementary copy of the Follow Him Book - The First Steps to Walking in His Power - written by Claude D. Widmer, the Founder and President of Follow Him International.

Follow Him Book
Value US $19.90

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