The Follow Him School has only one goal:

We want to see you rise up and become a mighty warrior for the Kingdom of God!

The Lord has been speaking to us a while back and showed us that he wants to equip every Believer in order to stand against the attacks of the enemy and take the land to expand the Kingdom of God.

We want to help you to become a follower of Jesus Christ and walk in the Power of God in your daily life! We believe that we can all hear the voice of the Lord, heal the sick, cast out demons and preach the Gospel!

It is our vision to help the Body of Christ to rise up and take its place in this world and be that bright shining light, that city on a hill that will draw many into the Kingdom of God. The Lord wants you to be on fire for him and walk in authority, so that his name will be glorified in this earth!

We will help you in the Follow Him School to get equipped and start walking out your calling and the Mandate the Lord has given you! For when you start to Follow Him miracles will start happening and your life will turn out to be exciting, dangerous and full of the works of Jesus Christ!